Dance, baby, dance

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Dance, baby, dance

Dance as though the wind is carrying you

Dance, baby, dance

Dance as though no melody can change you

Let your arms flail wildly

spin fast and leap high

always keep your head held high


Dance, my princess, dance

Dance as if the music was made for you

Dance, my princess, dance

Dance and don’t let the music scare you

salsa with spice and cumbia with pride

move your hips from side to side

Let nothing break your stride


Dance, my daughter, dance

as if the music is moving through you

Dance, my daughter, dance

Dance until you have nothing left in you

Flow to the beat with confidence

you are a rare gem no doubt

Life is your dance, my child, never sit it out



Wake up

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Chardon High School Shooting: Second Student Dies as Alleged Gunman Is Identified – Yahoo!.

via Chardon High School Shooting: Second Student Dies as Alleged Gunman Is Identified – Yahoo!.

This is just sad! My heart breaks for these families and these children. I am especially sad for the youth who felt that this was the solution to his problems. Somewhere we are failing our children and we are not teaching them about endurance, perseverance, struggle, the value of life….somewhere along this journey we have failed our youth and now they’re killing each other. Wehave a 5th grade girl dead after a fight over a young boy, we have students shooting up schools….what is going on? This poem is inspired by the recent unnecessary deaths that have taken place in our youth.

Mothers drowning babies

kids shooting schools

little girls posting videos on youtube

asking if they’re ugly

wanting to be liked

little girls dying after a school fistfight?

We all turn our backs

no one feels ashamed

we’d rather watch the oscars and the all-star game

blood stains our hands

we are to blame

their future and our legacy are one and the same

Lost souls

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the world has gone mad

molesting, sex, drugs, crime, fear

2012 is here

pregnant women crowd the streets

Their births forecasts many deaths


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Hoping to be seen

The world values sex and greed

Invisible me


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And yet the truth remains
that the only thing that stays the same is change

You walked in my world and handed me the game
I tried to play along but the rules consistently changed
I was meant to lose, the game was never in my reach
you were the team captain, the coach and the referee
I was just a player to be used at your discretion
Whatever position you needed me to be in
I played it to the fullest without question

I never liked the game and I didn’t get much play time
No matter the level of my dedication
you constantly kept me on the sideline
So I put on my helmet
and I pulled it down over my eyes so I couldn’t see
’cause when you blind yourself,
your world can be whatever you want it to be
All I ever wanted was you and me
I took a leap of faith off the cliff of trust
thinking that love could come from lust
But the two are not interchangeable
and for all that I gave,
there just was no changing you

So the change must then begin with me
I’m taking my name off the roster
I’ve been sidelined by injuries
This time to fix my heart, I’ll need surgery
You see, my heart never fully healed from the last injury
and I should have known better
than to play the game with a heart that’s weak
I can only hope that the hurt I suffered won’t last permanently
To be on the safe side, I’m not just sitting on the sidelines
I’m walking out the building completely
The temptation to play will always remain
Yet every time I play the game doesn’t seem to change

And yet the truth remains
that the only thing that stays the same is change


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When you came into my life
I thought you were so tall
I idolized your every move
and worshipped the ground you walked on

But now I see the real you
I laugh because you’re so small
Your world is lived inside a box
You’re not worth the gum I step on

Back then your pedestal was out of reach
It was so hard for me to let you go
But now I overstand your petty ways
and refuse to drop below

Why oh why?

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In this time where obesity is running rampant through the American society, why oh why are fast food companies still pushing these ridiculously unhealthy foods?! McDonald’s and KFC are constantly in competition with one another and it seems the stiffer the competition the more unhealthy the food! McDonald’s angus burger has 750 calories, 39 grams of fat, and 1700mg of sodium! They also have a mushroom version and a bacon version, but as with all fast food the more condiments, the higher the fat and calories